Number of plastic water bottles distributed today : +60,000,000
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Crystal Elixir Water Bottle

Purify your body

 with the All-Natural energizing power of Crystals.  

Crystal Elixirs are a delivery service for a crystal's energy. When a crystal is placed in a bottle of water, the water takes on that stones properties. Our bodies are 60% water. Imagine how powerful it would be to infuse your drinking water with the healing power of crystals.

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Product Details

Quartz water bottle Information

  • Bottle Height: 9.84 in. 
  • Crystal Wand Height: 3.2 in. 
  • Capacity: 0.55 mL

Quartz water bottle Details

  • Won't Leak
  • Solid and Natural Crystal / Non-toxic
  • Removable base for easy cleaning

Made and Sourcing

Ships in 24-48 hours! USPS First Class mail / FAST and FREE Shipping!

Superior materials. 100% natural gemstones and glass container

Energy is emitted from the top tip called the “generator”, and will be emitted continuously forming a strong energy field from the center point, like a swirl.
Can balance your body and mind, adjust your emotions, and help to improve health and spirituality.

Product Details

Necklace Information

Style: Forever Love Heart Pendant 

Metal: Everlasting White Gold™️

Length: 4/5 in. 

Width: 4/5 in. 

Chain Details

Type: Secure Lock™️ Cable Chain 

Clasp: Lobster 

Clasp Chain Length: 18 inches

Made and Sourcing

Hand-crafted with premium, durable resources 

Made and shipped by working moms living in the US

Sourced used only high-quality, sustainable materials

Drinking Plenty of Water is Healthy...
But, what if the water you're drinking is polluting your body and the environment?

Crystal Elixir Healing Water Bottle

"Imagine literally pouring revitalizing and healing energy directly into your body with water that has been re-energized by crystals."

Tap water is bleached and purified, and usually safe to drink from a physical standpoint, but if you really want to trust your water, not only should you filter your water from chemical residues, you should also be filtering it's energy with crystals.

Most bottled water is just tap water packaged in plastic bottles. Disposable plastic water bottles contain chemicals that have been linked to reproductive issues, asthma, and dizziness.

Not to mention the environmental crisis posed by plastic water bottles. Let positively recharged crystal elixir water will flow through every cell of your body.

This Healing Natural Quartz Water Bottle!
is a must have if you're into this new age of powerful invigorating energy or if you're already enjoying the health benefits of the healing crystals.

You'll start to enjoy the positive benefits of drinking crystal energized water in no time and the water used to fill the bottle will be charged with pure crystal energy throughout the day!
If you're not certain which crystal is right for you the section below can help you with your choice.

This Healing Natural Quartz Water Bottle. is made from nature’s wealth. The crystals are non-toxic and eco-friendly to give the purest water taste. Reusable and recyclable, too. Helps cut down on plastic waste. The quartz crystals are unearthed and processed for quality. The cover is made from stainless steel so they are sure tight to eliminate leakage. The components of the bottle are hand-washable and dishwasher safe, making it very easy to clean. Simply remove the bottom of the tumbler to wash the bottle and cleanse the crystal.

You'll start to enjoy the positive benefits of drinking crystal energized water in no time and the water used to fill the bottle will be charged with pure crystal energy throughout the day!

If you're not certain which crystal is right for you the section below can help you with your choice.

Crystal Elixir Healing Water Bottle 6 Variations

Don't Be Part Of the problem.

Infographic Crystal Elixir Healing Water Bottle

It Starts with You Animals, plants and all forms of life will continue to suffer under the stifling effects of plastic waste and its biproducts for as long as we pollute our environment.

Plastics expose organisms to pathogens which they are simply unprepared to deal with.

The world has begun to awaken to the widespread affects which plastic pollution has on our health and planet although being conscious of the issue is not alone enough to fix the problem.

An act as simple as reducing the number of plastic bottles you personally use, can have profound cumulative effects on the planet we share.

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Healing Natural Quartz Water Bottle

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Multicolor Crystal Elixir Healing Water Bottle

Lisa H.

"I love love love my crystal energy infused water! I use my reusable bottle all the time and not only do I feel like I am doing something good for the environment, but I feel re-energized and ready to take on the world all day! So this is what drinking water is supposed to feel like!"

Quartz Crystal Elixir Healing Water Bottle

Joanne D.

"I bring my crystal elixir water to the gym and my workouts consistently last longer and with greater vigor. I feel like my cells are bursting with a vibrance I haven't felt in a while!"

Amethyst Crystal Elixir Healing Water Bottle

Kary M.

"Great bottle. I love the weight of it and the way it feels in my hands. I've learned to leave my crystal elixir outside in the moonlight as much as possible, and I really think it helps. My carpal tunnel is gone!"


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Our branded products are shipped from the United States via USPS.

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FREE USA Shipping: We use Free Shipping at no cost to you! Please allow 3 - 10 business days for your product arrive to you. We will send a USPS shipping tracking number so you can track your package.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes! We have a 60-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our product. You may return the item for a full refund. Please refer to our return policy for more details.

Can I put my bottle in the dishwasher or does it need to be hand washed?

Please do NOT put your crystals in the dishwasher! The other components can go in the dishwasher, but not the crystal.

What's the limited time offer?

For right now (and only available on this site) we are letting everyone purchase our crystal elixir bottle at a 40% discount! Also comes with a free sleeve, and a free water filter (ships separately). Once this offer ends, it will go back to its original price.
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