Reading: 30-Minute Akashic Record Reading
Reading: 30-Minute Akashic Record Reading

Reading: 30-Minute Akashic Record Reading

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Special Offer: We've partnered with Mindset and Manifestation Coach, Neha Nayak, to make a special offer to One Lucky Wish customers.

Neha has generously offered her Introductory 30-minute Soul Purpose Akashic Record Reading, which usually sells for $125.00, to 3 LUCKY people for only $1 DOLLAR!!

ONLY 3 slots available this month!  Order now to schedule your Akashic reading.

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What are Akashic Records?

Akashic Records are your soul manual. It’s a powerful spiritual tool located in the fifth dimension. Every individual has a whole huge library of sacred information dedicated JUST to themselves.

The information stored is from the Creator and so is always true. Also, remember your free will is never compromised. Your Akashic Records are there to help you navigate your journey to higher consciousness. Your journey is perfect as is and there is no judgment and nothing wrong, just more help to elevate and evolve on your journey to higher consciousness./p>

  • Are you overwhelmed with a list of things to do and are not sure where to start?
  • Do you question yourself and doubt your gifts and talents despite the deep desire to be of service to the world?
  • Do you feel your current work or business is not aligned with your soul purpose?
  • Are you looking to transition into something more beautiful, meaningful, and fulfilling, but are not sure what that something is, or where to start, and how to do it with ease and grace?

Access your Akashic Records to:

  • gain clarity on your soul purpose
  • align your business with your soul purpose
  • get clarity on your Ideal Clients
  • receive a full program to offer and best serve your Ideal Clients

What does an Akashic Records Consultation comprise of?

During the Consultation, I’d be asking you for your Full Legal name (as in your current legal document), your date of birth and your permission to access them.

I then access your records using a process and have you share your intention for the consult.

And depending on what your Record Keepers want to share and steer the consult towards, I receive messages and guidance and I share with you what’s coming through. Your Record Keepers are the most beautiful and unconditionally loving high beings that want only the best and the highest for you. I receive messages and guidance either through visuals, or hear somethings or just have a deep inner knowing about what your Record Keepers want to bring forth for you based on your questions and the intentions you set.

30-Minute Akashic Records Reading Session

ORDER NOW: You will receive a unique link that will give you access to the Neha's private scheduler.

Why consult your Akashic Records?

There are two main reasons to consult with your Akashic Records.

  1. You have lived many lifetimes and having access to the wisdom from those lifetimes will only help you understand yourself better and super charge you to make elevated choices for your life’s journey.
  2. The second reason is, in your current lifetime you are finding your self stuck in certain patterns or you notice certain things keep happening over and over again despite taking all the necessary actions or cautions. Then know it is related to your past lives.

Accessing your Akashic Records will make you conscious and aware of certain choices your soul made in other lifetimes, that would have served you in that lifetime, but you carry them forward into your present life and future life, until you become aware of them and consciously choose to release them.

This information is readily accessible in your Akashic Records. And can help you make progress in the areas of your life where you are finding yourself questioning and unable to understand the root cause of why certain things are taking place in your life or your business.

Either you can learn to access the Akashic Records for yourself or hire a consultant like Neha to have it read for you.

What area of life or business can be consulted inside the Akashic Records?

Everything has their unique sets of Akashic Records. So an Akashic Records can be consulted for a person, a place, a house, a business, a pet, a TV show and so much more. It’s a vast infinite library filled with books full of sacred wisdom.


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