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Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Benefits of Wearing Jewelry

You are probably well aware that crystals and gemstones are known to have healing properties, can energize Chakras, and even boost emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

But, did you know that the metals we wear like; gold, silver, or copper, can also have certain physical and metaphysical healing properties? Yep, jewelry is more than just a pretty face! Here are some examples of how metals can help you feel good all over!


Perhaps the most well-researched and doctor-endorsed use of gold is to alleviate symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Wearing 24-karat gold directly against the skin has helped improve symptoms among a significant percentage of sufferers.

Gold is known to have a relaxing effect on blood vessels, allowing blood to flow more freely. Applying gold to a sore spot or infection can help heal wounds faster. This boost in circulation regulates oxygen within the body, aiding in healing.

You can even find pure gold in a variety of beauty products and dermatological treatments, all said to keep skin radiant and beautiful.


Sterling Silver is a powerful antimicrobial agent, fighting infections and aiding in cold and flu prevention, wound healing, and more! Silver also helps with internal heat regulation and circulation.

Positively-charged silver ions create a conductive field that reflects electromagnetic radiation away from the body.

Researchers at the University of Southampton have proven that wearing a specific type of silver ring can help alleviate some symptoms of arthritis in the hands. The benefits include helping to reduce pain and preventing hyper extension in the finger joints, which is common in those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.


Copper may not be as expensive as gold and silver, but definitely has many wellness benefits.

Copper has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. You must have noticed how copper has been added to almost everything including jewelry,  bottles, glasses, and more.

The health benefits of using copper has been known for ages and definitely something you’d want to incorporate into your daily use.

My grandfather, used copper mugs to store water over night and drink it the next day. Storing water over night allows for the water to absorb the properties of copper which are so essential for our body and helps improve our immune system and digestive system.

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