About Us

One Lucky Wish is operated by father-daughter team Jonathan and Olivia. We are the same people you talk to when calling to personalize an order, check on a shipment, or ask for advice choosing the perfect piece. We strive to provide you with helpful and fast customer service and we appreciate the opportunity to make you and yours happy with wonderful and meaningful gifts for every occasion.

We pride ourselves on a business model that delivers high quality products and services. We achieve this through hand vetted sourcing – we thoroughly research our vendors and accept only the ones that demonstrate social, ethical, and environmental responsibility in the development of their products.

Inspire your senses with our special collection of jewelry and accessories designed to help you manifest abundance, health, and happiness.

When you are aware and enlightened, the negative circumstances of life have no power over you. The only things that matter are love, happiness, joy, peace, and miracles.

No matter where you are, our meaningful items are designed to ground your energy, center yourself in intention, and protect you and your loved ones against negative energy.

Dare to dream. Dare to believe in your One Lucky Wish.

“Luck is believing you’re lucky!” – Tennessee Williams