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Red String Bracelet Significance and Meaning

Red String Significance with Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity

The red string bracelet is most commonly associated with Kabbalah, however this practice is an ancient one in religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity as well. The references are quite similar in the many mythologies and are consistent with mention that the red string bracelet can be used to ward off negative energies.

Wearing a red string bracelet around your left wrist is a Kabbalistic tradition used to ward off misfortune and darkness brought about by the evil eye. The Jewish religion teaches us that a red string, wound seven times, as around Rachel's Tomb, is endowed with mystical powers. It is from this tradition that one wraps a Kabbalah red string around their wrist to protect themselves from evil.

Red string bracelet popularity

Ever since dozens of famous stars made it public that they are followers of Kabbalah, celebs and civilians world wide have been scrambling to snatch up the red Kabbalah string that wards off the evil eye.

Leonardo DiCaprio Red string bracelet

The popularity of red string bracelets exploded back in the late 90's with many celebrities, including many non-Jews. “Led by Madonna and her children, and including Sasha Cohen, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ariana Grande.” [wiki][]

Importance of a Red String bracelet

A Kabbalistic belief is that in order to succeed in this life and achieve all the goals you have, you need to protect yourself from the negative thoughts, bad feelings, and the evil eye of people around you who may affect you carelessly, unintentionally, or on purpose.

In Kabbalistic tradition, the red string bracelet is worn on the left wrist (the receiving side of the body and soul) sealing protective energy within, while intercepting negative influences that exist outside of the body. The left arm vein connects to the heart and when the string falls off, the wearer’s dreams have come true.

Why Wear Three at a Time?

To blend in... some image conscious people like to wear 2 or 3 bracelets at time for a more stylish and trendy look.

How to tie a Red String bracelet in the Kabbalah tradition

A red string is placed around your wrist by someone you love and trust. Do not ask someone who provokes negative emotions to help you tie it.

According to the Jewish tradition, it should be tied in 7 tight knots to provide a better protection to the wearer. The bracelets made for One Lucky Wish are already tied and prayed on by monks with a strong spiritual connection. The last step is left for a friend to tie the final knot around your wrist.

The Kaballah Red String Bracelet Prayer

The prayer is an important step for your Kabbalah red string to take effect. Have the person you love and trust finish up by reciting the Ben Porat Prayer, which will protect you from the Evil Eye. This is the prayer that should be recited:

Just pronounce as best you can, and it's even fine to just say it in your head. Sometimes we can imagine how a word is pronounced better than our lips can say it.

“Ayin alei porat ben Yosef porat benyivarech ra mikol oti hagoel hamalachshmi bahem vyikare han'arim etvYitzchak Avraham avotai vshemha'aretz b'kerev larov v'yidgu.”

This prayer will stop others from giving you the Evil Eye. Keep your promise to refrain from negative thoughts and talk. This will ensure your protection.

How to tie a Red String bracelet in a Spiritual tradition

Try to keep a positive image of people around you in your head while someone you love is tying the red string around your wrist. After that, say your positive thoughts and affirmations out loud for the red string protection to take effect.

Your positive attitude and affirmations are an important part of the process of tying a red string bracelet. If you are in a bad mood or mad at someone, put this off and do it some other time.

The significance of the red string in other spiritual practices

In Buddhism, the color red holds tremendous significance. It is a symbol that impacts one’s life and sustenance of the same. It takes care of the life force and compassion. Red also represents fearlessness, courage and bravery. It rules the tongue portion of the body. Wearing the red string is a reminder that one must show compassion to all. One must be mindful of the tongue, for the tongue can cut deeper than the sword.

What happens when the red string breaks

Some have worn the red string bracelets for up to 2 years. When the red string bracelet breaks or falls off, it is said that it has deflected all the negative and absorbed all the energies, and can no longer hold any more. It has done its job, so do not be concerned. Tie another one on your wrist as soon as you feel ready.

If you should replace the red string bracelet and it falls off again after a few days, you should re-examine your energy and your behavior toward others. This is a good reason to replace the red string bracelet to keep you protected.

The rules of the red string

As part of this ritual, you must never cut off the string. It has to fall off the wearer on its own accord, at which time a loved one ties another red string around the wearer's wrist.

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