Kabbalah Red String Protection Bracelet
Kabbalah Red String Protection Bracelet - One Lucky Wish
Kabbalah Red String Protection Bracelet - One Lucky Wish
Kabbalah Red String Protection Bracelet - One Lucky Wish
Kabbalah Red String Protection Bracelet
Kabbalah Red String Protection Bracelet
Kabbalah Red String Protection Bracelet
Kabbalah Red String Protection Bracelet - One Lucky Wish

Kabbalah Red String Protection Bracelet

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Many believe that in order to succeed in this life and achieve all the goals you have, you need to protect yourself from negativity, bad feelings, and the evil eye of people around you that may affect you carelessly, unintentionally, or on purpose.

Wearing a Red String protection bracelet actually has many positive effects. In quite a few cultures a red string bracelet is believed to have magical powers. People wear the red string bracelet to find their soul mates, to become successful in their careers, to improve their relationships and to protect themselves against all negative things in life. It is said that the person who wears it will see his/her life improve.


  • Adjustable.
  • Bright non-fading colors.
  • Includes gift bag and explanation card.

The red string bracelet worn around your left wrist is a tradition used to ward off misfortune and darkness brought about by the evil eye. This tradition teaches us that a red string is endowed with mystical powers. It is from this practice that one wraps a red string around their wrist to protect themselves from evil.

Red String Bracelet Background

For more background information, please read: The Significance and Meaning of the Red String Bracelet

Traditionally red string bracelets were worn by practitioners of many faiths including, Judaism, Kabbalah, Buddhism, and Christianity. It is often made of thin wool, some may have knots tied into them, and some include beads or ornaments like the evil eye or Hamsa as an added symbol of protection.

"Mal de Ojo' in Hispanic Culture

Use the power of the mal de ojo bracelet to destroy evil and neutralize its force. and can be worn on either hand, as long as it is on your body. Mal de ojo typically occurs when the person is the object of a strong stare without being touched. Smiling or paying too much attention to a person can also result in mal de ojo. Therefore, protective measures include allowing, and even encouraging, strangers to touch you.

Tibetan Buddhism

The red string bracelet is rooted in Tibetan tradition and part of Buddhist practice for more than 500 years. These red string bracelets are created during a Tibetan Buddhist traditional ceremony during which monks chant scripture and the 6 true words mantra, while lighting candles in a centerpiece tied with colored strings or threads. The practice realigns energy and restores natural order as it connects people more closely.

Red is a symbol of life force in Buddhism. Red is a color that impacts one's life. It becomes a sign of blessing and protection.

Wearing a lucky red string bracelet may:

  •  invite good luck
  •  protect the wearer from misfortune

Kabbalah Red String Bracelet

According to Rabbi Yehuda Berg, author of "The Red String Book: The Power of Protection," Kabbalists believe that negative energies can enter people's lives through the "evil eye," which is when someone looks at you with envy and jealousy. Kabbalists' goal is to rid their lives of, protect themselves from and reject negative energy from the evil eye by wearing the bracelet 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Red string bracelets, spotted on Hollywood celebrities who practice Kabbalah, are a ritual artifact, not a fashion statement. And they are not limited to Kabbalah. Red strings represent an article of faith in a number of different beliefs. The practice is an ancient one in Central Asia and is shrouded in mythological mist in countries like China. Controversial, as in Kabbalah, or commonly accepted, as in Hindu culture, the ritual of the red string is tied to many different  traditional beliefs.

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Kabbalah Red String Protection Bracelet