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We're distributing thousands of crystals to homes in

your neighborhood to test a theory we can

increase the flow of healing energy at a regional level.

Will you please help?

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Valued between $45-$65 each
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The Power of 3

The number 3 has the energy of kindness, joy, creativity, and imagination. It represents inspiration, manifestation, and growth.

It symbolizes the interconnectedness of your body, mind, and spirit, and is carefully aligned with the divine energy.

With 3 crystals you will obtain a greater energy flow and invite more positive energy into your space.

That's why we're extending this one time offer to get 80% off 2 additional crystals.

Why Are We Giving Crystals Away?

(We may be right, or we may be crazy...)

In order to make sense of why we are just giving away free crystals, first you need to know how crystals work.  Crystals help amplify the flow of energy around them by acting as conduits.  Crystals are not inherently positive or negative, they simply help improve the flow of energy.  Removing blockages by increasing energy flow is a main tenant in many healing practices such as Reiki and Gigong. Using crystals, you can help encourage the flow of energy by using some simple techniques. 

Technique 1: add more crystals in close proximity to each other. Each of our natural crystals are fairly small, so the amount of energy it is able to move is also fairly small.  So instead of just setting out one crystal, set 3 of them next to each other, all pointing in the same direction, to increase and improve energy flow.

Technique 2: increase the number of overall crystals in a given area. Everyone has heard of an energy vortex, correct?  Places like Sedona, Arizona contain more earthly energy than any normal place. You can make your home an energy vortex too. One method is by arranging lots of crystals around your house and garden.

Our hypothesis - If we add thousands of crystals to a region, we will increase energy flow at that level and help create a small energy vortex that improves the health and vibrance of the area.

Special Offer:

When you claim your one free Crystal,

we will let you purchase 2 more at 80% off!!

Why we are giving crystals away, when people readily buy them?

Just like you, we want to do something to make the world a better place.  Our strategy involves giving away thousands of free CRYSTALS to you, your friends, and to your neighbors.  We believe that by establishing thousands of points of energy flow in any given area, we will remove stagnation and regain access to a readily available source of universal energy, to attract greater health and abundance.

It is well known that by remove blockages in our energy field, we can improve health. That's the same concept that Reiki, Qigong, and many other energy healing practices are based on. We are building 'pods of positivity' by energizing thousands of homes and offices all over the nation. We hope to grow this movement worldwide, and eventually interconnect these grids. Worst case scenario? The most we accomplish is we make you happy by giving you free crystals!

But we can only to this with YOUR HELP!!  We believe we can help make a difference in this world, and that you can too!

In order for this to work we are going to have to distribute a LOT of quartz crystals!  We meditated for a long time about how to accomplish our goal, and what suddenly became clear to us, is that, in order to guarantee that we distribute as many crystals as we need to for this to be truly effective, we are going to have be willing to give some away

There are plenty of people who can't afford the luxury of crystals in the hopes that they might work... We've sold plenty of crystals, but not enough and not quickly enough to reach our goals. We feel like there are many parts of the world that could use a positive energy boost and could use it fast. The universe is telling me that we will offset costs through other sales and donations, but that ultimately our primary goal is to distribute these crystals and energize this healing grid, no matter the cost.

And all you need to do to help is simply - CLAIM YOUR FREE CRYSTALS today.

Please join us and be part of the solution!  Also, please feel free to sign up for our email newsletter to keep up with how our communities are doing, and join our soulful intention group where, in the near future, you'll be able to share or request a personal healing prayer.

Just like human twins who aren't in close proximity, intuitively know when some major event happens to the other twin, we hope to feel the connection to each other through our crystals.  If we distribute enough crystal, far and wide, we can build a grid of positivity around the world. All of our crystals are activated with high levels of positive intention and healing energy. Get yours today while this promotion is live.

Limited Offer - 1 per customer
Valued between $40-$55 each
(just cover shipping)